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President/CEO Managing Director General Manager Vice President Consultant

Past Vice President of Analytics at Stateside Energy Group
 Now President of CTI Analytics and Chief Consultant, Division of Consul Tec, Inc.

Dynamic leader versed in rapid-growth and turnaround environments, repositioning businesses for quickly adapting to new markets, building dealer networks, increasing market share, and generating innovative and profitable results.

Demonstrated track record in business ventures, consolidations, and corporate cost/price/profit changes leading to multi-million dollar performance improvements.

Diverse Experience within a $50 billion dollar company in: General Management and Administration; Strategic Product Planning; Domestic and International Marketing; Product Development; Business Planning; Corporate, Financial, and Engineering Services.

Seasoned "doer" with both technical and entrepreneurial business orientation.

Distinct Capabilities in: Developing, Coordinating and Implementing Product and Marketing Objectives/Directives; Creating and Innovating New Ways of doing Business; and Operating Small Businesses.

Senior executive with extensive experience in analyzing, developing, and implementing new products and services.

Specific expertise in building product strategies, creating innovative market positioning, developing new ways of doing business and generating incremental company profits.
Current activities between 2015 - 2018 include developing and programming new EBMX HTTPs software linkage into Fiat-Chrysler for U.S., Canadian, and Mexican suppliers;  Continued Business Consulting; Being Commissioned as a Stephen Minister; and becoming a Hospice Volunteer for the terminally ill.

Reading, PA 19610 201-563-7800 John@JohnEilertsen.com

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