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• John L. Eilertsen, a highly acclaimed, accomplished, and seasoned Senior-Level Executive, has consistently delivered prodigious results for Fortune 500, multibillion-dollar corporations in the areas of Engineering, Sales & Marketing, and Product Planning and Development. Spanning multiple industries and sectors, John’s talent for maximizing resources to achieve bottom-line results has earned him awards and global recognition.


• John is best known for his 20+ year career with Ford Motor Company, where, as a Chief Product Planner and Marketing expert, he conceived, developed, and introduced many innovative products and Corporate-wide programs and initiatives.

John began his career at Ford in the Chassis Engineering Department where he suggested and implemented several new programs. Soon he joined the Lincoln-Mercury Division as the Accessory Product Planning Manager. Within a matter of months he moved into the L-M Car Product Planning Office just before the Lincoln-Mercury and Ford Division Product Planning offices were merged into the Ford Product Development Office, Car Product Planning Group. In this Division, he became a Chief of Program Evaluation (responsible for budgets, piece costs and tooling costs) for several car lines. 

He became known for his innovation and ability to argue successfully for new product programs.  Mr. Eilertsen then joined Ford's Customer Service Division, Service Research Center as the center's Business Planning Specialist where he was involved in the industry's first electronic in-vehicle testing diagnostic system developed for Ford’s several thousand car dealerships.

Product Planning, Marketing and new product innovations eventually became Mr. Eilertsen’s expertise. Just prior to leaving Ford to form his own business, he was a Chief Product Planner for Ford's Diversified Products Operation. His last assignment was the China Project where he led a group that provided the Chinese with a detailed presentation guide for developing a new vehicle.

Mr. Eilertsen was personally involved in several unique products while at Ford including: the conception and implementation of the industry's first computer engineered ride; computerized program timing schedules; the development and introduction of the Cougar XR7, Cyclone, Lynx, Mercury Grand Marquis car lines, the Boss and Mach1 Mustangs and Cougar Eliminator models racing components, the industry's first production racing mirrors, rear deck spoilers, hood scoops, hood locks and body-side tape stripes; and America’s first production sun roof in a domestic vehicle (Cougar XR7 Dan Gurney Special).

He also spearheaded many other engineering and corporate wide product programs such as Complexity Reduction Studies, Option Business Studies, Corporate Steering Wheel Programs, the industry's first plastic instrument panels and the industry's first high-luster aluminum ornamentation in the US to name a few.

• In addition, he evaluated and determined the proper course of action with respect to ensuring company / product compliance with the French Language Services Acts in France and Quebec.


• John also served as the liaison between Engineering, Marketing and Financial operations, synchronizing functions to activate new programs and features, including new products, expense reductions, warranty improvements and related initiatives.

After leaving Ford, Mr. Eilertsen was granted several patents for the worlds fastest electronic solenoid actuators (called Multinoids™ because of their unique multi-coil configurations).  At the same time he started a consulting business (Consulting Technologies) in addition to a financial investment firm called Capital Funding Group.  Acquiring Ford Motor Company as his #1 client, he performed special consulting assignments for Ford's Car Engineering activity, the Ford Controller’s Office and Ford's Truck Product Planning and Development offices.


• Drawing on his impressive career with Ford, John is now President of Consul-Tec Inc, a high-tech development and management consulting firm he founded and built from the ground up. His firm provides general and specialized business consulting for startups, midsize, and Fortune 500 clients, ranging from simple market research questionnaires to in-depth multi-year marketing analyses for global enterprises. Here are some of John's accomplishments:

During the early years of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), Mr. Eilertsen was hired as interim President for American Business Computer (a small, in debt, software company) where he reorganized the company and introduced EDI software into the supplier base of Ford, General Motors and Chrysler Corporations.  ABC became one of the very successful "big 3" EDI software companies in the U.S. and was eventually acquired by Sterling Commerce. 

Once this assignment with ABC was completed, Mr. Eilertsen acquired the Master Distributorship from a specialized communications company involved with IBM’s 3780 bisynchronous file transfer technology for EDI and captured an astounding 90% of the Automotive EDI market.  At this time, his company became known as CTI Communications and subsequently introduced several new and unique communications software programs and related synchronous hardware products. 

Mr. Eilertsen developed, engineered and patented a multi-protocol synchronous/async modem that was widely used by Chrysler and Toyota suppliers. One of Mr. Eilertsen's innovations was designing and implementing a PC/Unix based store-and-forward mail boxing system (that could replace a mainframe system) used to transfer the engineering drawing (CAD) files between Toyota and their large supplier base (two systems were available a 3780 BSC version and an Internet HTTP/s version).

• CTI’s services include Organizational / Corporate Development, Restructuring, and Crisis Management Strategies, short and long-range Strategic Planning, New Product Planning and Introductions, and Business / Systems Analysis, Design, and Implementation. John offers Senior-level executives Creative Marketing concepts and Merchandising Strategies, Complexity and Cost-reduction Programs, Market Research, Financial and Budget Analysis planning, and associated management and business development functions.


• Prior to his work with Ford Motor Company, John had served as Technical Systems Analyst and Sales Representative for the Standard Register Company of Dayton Ohio, in their Detroit District Sales Office.  Within his first year, John received the President’s U.S. “Salesman of the Year” award.

John regards himself as a seasoned "doer" combining technical and entrepreneurial business orientation with the necessary "people skills" to organize resources for the profit-oriented results, he is at his best undertaking P & L responsibilities in a results-focused environment.


Mr. Eilertsen is currently in semi-retirement while still working on his newest market for Mexico where electronic invoicing is becoming mandatory for many automotive companies; in this regard his company is marketing his EBMX file transfer software system that is based upon the Internet's HTTP/s (secure Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).

John holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Detroit, supplemented by Post Graduate coursework in Business Administration.  Further engineering coursework included credits from the University of Wisconsin’s Engineering Extension Center and several Kepner-Tregoe courses.

He is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force, a former State and NCAA Fencing champion and currently lives with his wife in Sparta, New Jersey where he is also member of the New Jersey Technology Council. His company web site is www.cticomm.com

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